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Soul In Your Feet will put the fun back into your exercise routine with the following diverse weekly dance classes. All are designed to teach strength, coordination, quickness and agility but most of all to get you to lose your inhibition and have fun.


Immediate access to 3 dance classes per week

Breath deeply down, relax… and start to move every bit of your body and get sweaty! It’s a dance class to share, learn and more importantly let go.

Immediate access to SIYF work out

As soon as you join, you will unlock access to all the workout. Meticulously design to improve your fitness and dance skills.


Each month will feature a one to one technique analysis with your teacher, with the chance to get immediate feedback and advise. This is an opportunity to get the most of each dance class.

Rebirthing Breathwork

The Rebirthing breathwork technique was developed by Leonard Orr in the United States. The technique is also known as Conscious Energy Breathing (CEB). This monthly session an excellent moment to connect and dive within yourself.

WhatsApp Group

This passionate community will give you the extra support and encouragement you need to quickly improve and enjoy the process.

This is so much more than Dance classes. It's a strong, active community and it is LIFE CHANGING!


“Such a great place to express yourself. The level of dance doesn't matter here , all that matters is that you enjoy moving to music. Always pleasure to attend this class with choreographer Sam and his team. Highly recommend this if you love dancing.”

“I really love this class! It is the perfect combination of a workout and actually learning how to dance. Sam does a great job at catering to all levels but also keeping it challenging (I was super sweaty after the class haha) I’d say that if you love moving and are looking for a class with great music and positive vibes you should definitely give it a try.”
Anastasia Pastukhova

”I love this class! It is super energising and fun. It also helps a lot if you want to become more flexible, fit, and a good dancer!”
Liliya Anisimova

”It is so fun and enjoyable! It's good that the class is intensive, because it is easy to develop your inner dancer. Definetly worth it to try and push your limits. Would do it again 100!!”

Hristiyan Peev

”If you want to learn to dance “Soul in your feet Fitness” is the place to do it! Sam’s teaching style is great! The fact that the classes are also fun and the people in the group are really nice makes it really cool! I highly recommend this program, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.”
Alicia Jurdao


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£695 per year

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Single session £15

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