Step to the beat and burn calories!

Soul In Your Feet will put the fun back into your exercise routine with the following diverse weekly dance classes. All are designed to teach strength, coordination, quickness and agility but most of all to get you to lose your inhibition and have fun and for a limited time only your first class is free!


Whine Up
(Reggaeton, dancehall and afrobeat)

7:05pm - 8:05pm

Give your whole body a complete workout, improve your stamina and build muscle endurance dancing to the sensual sounds of reggae and afro beats. 
A fun way to shake off the midweek blues!


No Limit
(Hip hop, contemporary and afrobeat)

7pm - 8:15pm

Replacing complex routines with easy to follow, fun moves, this class is focused around confidence boosting and individual improvement to ensure you leave on a positive, endorphin-driven high!


Let Loose
(Free movement dance, body expression)

1:10pm - 2:10pm

This class is designed to help you free your inner self and unleash the artist within. Dance like no one’s watching, let your imagination guide
you and allow your body to express itself.